Whiteboard Animation videos

Showcase your brand’s story, products and services with a stellar Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard animations are a fun and interesting way to explain your products and services. Viewers are provided explanations with 2D animated depictions sketched on a whiteboard.

Whiteboard explainer videos are an excellent tool for retaining a viewer’s attention. According to research, this animation style can increase the brand recall of your audience by 15%.

It is the perfect choice if you are looking for budget-friendly video productions that produce a great impact in the awareness stage!

Where can you use Whiteboard Animation videos?

  • Product/ Service explanations
  • Internal Communication
  • Conveying Brand story

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation videos

  • Retains viewer’s attention and boosts brand recall
  • Simplifies complex concepts to promote brand association
  • It is cost-effective and can be produced relatively faster
  • It can be repurposed for other platforms