A leading VFX Studio in Bangalore and global creative partners for brands, agencies & production companies

We collaborate with filmmakers and leading agencies to narrate powerful stories in beautiful ways. Our expert team of 3D modellers, Animators and VFX supervisors use cutting-edge technology to create omnificent visual effects that spur your feature films and advertisements to life.

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On-site VFX Supervision

  • Our VFX supervisors provide unmatched technical supervision with nuanced expertise in layout, design, colour and compositing
  • Directing entire VFX sequences in tandem with the director’s vision
  • Delivering outputs with agility and upholding highest standards of quality
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  • Stereo and VFX Roto
  • Blue/Green keying
  • Matt extraction
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  • Wire removal
  • Rig removal
  • Camera and reflection removal
  • Crew and object removal
  • Clean plate creation
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  • Beard  and hair removal
  • Tattoo clean-up
  • Wrinkle clean-up
  • Acne scar and age spot removal
  • Digital makeup
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  • Camera Tracking
  • Object and Layout Tracking
  • 2D Tracking
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  • Monitor and Mobile Screen Comp
  • Crowd Duplication
  • Set extension

Why Choose Us?

An efficient Turn Around Time and collaborative approach make us one of the best in the industry.

Our speciality lies in providing top-notch services on both big and small projects. Whether you’re a huge universal production house or an up-and-coming VFX company, we’ve got you covered across all channels and media platforms.

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