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What is 3D Modelling?

3D modelling is a technique used to create three-dimensional objects or surfaces. Advanced 3D software is used to produce 3D assets including characters, environments and products.

3D models can bring your products and services to life. The realistic depictions ensure that your customers envision your products with clarity and make the all-important buying decision.

Where is 3D Modelling used?

3D modelling is central in creating 3D animations. Assets created by 3D modelling software can be reused in different videos across various channels. And also 3D renders are used to showcase products across various channels

  • Video games
  • VFX Movies and Ads
  • Architecture walk through
  • Engineering Renders
  • Medical Renders
  • 360-degree view of products on E-commerce websites

Benefits of 3D Modelling

  • Enhanced brand equity and product value leading to faster sales
  • ROI increases across various marketing channels
  • Helps create prototypes and product designs
  • Facilitates realistic depictions with dynamic visuals to improve your credibility amongst stakeholders

Frequently asked questions

Autodesk Maya, Unreal

We work on STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA,STEP formats.

It Completely depends on the project type. usually, we would ask for a reference image Or a physical models its self