A Branding Agency In Bangalore That
Thinks Strategically & Plays Creatively

We help you create life-long customers by defining your business with a sustainable strategy and long-lasting visual identity.

Whether you are a start up or an established business, our turn-key solutions help you realise your brand differentiators, align your team, and build an impactful brand.

What is

Branding is a process that communicates who you are and what
you believe in with coherence across all communication channels.

An effective branding strategy puts forth a distinct identity
for your business and sets you apart from your competitors.

Why is Branding important?

  • Allows you to build brand recognition and credibility
  • Unified messaging sets you apart from your competition.
  • Increases accountability to make better business decisions
  • Authenticity powers conversions and builds loyal customers.
  • Promotes Employee-Brand association and facilitates talent

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t worry we will ask you the right questions and get under the skin of your business to help you create a brief with the necessary input and information we will need. Designers work best when we understand the parameters we are working to.

If you have a business then you have a brand. The question really is whether you want to MANAGE that brand to engage with your customers in the best possible way. If you don’t want to manage it you are leaving it up to the market and your competitors to manage it for you. Here at Breathe we will help you manage your brand to stand out in your market and communicate what makes you different effectively to your customers.

We try hard to gain a deep understanding of your business and marketing requirements before embarking on any design work. We discuss things you like and things you don’t. Brands you admire and brands you really dislike. We analyse your competitor brands. We use this information to create intelligent design options for you to consider.