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Template #1 – Srishti’s Diwali

Background Story:

This email is a heartfelt tribute to one of our designers, Srishti, who hails from Kolkata and finds herself away from her family during Diwali. She is depicted with a sense of nostalgia as she reminisces her childhood memories.

Srishti’s story is a reflection of many employees who have left their hometowns to pursue their dreams and careers in bustling metropolitans.


In light of Srishti’s story and the experiences of many employees, we conceived this email to bring a piece of home to Srishti and others who share similar sentiments.

Our aim is to bridge the gap through the joy of sharing a delicious meal. That’s where Swiggy Moments comes in to ensure that the taste of home and the warmth of tradition reach Srishti’s doorstep.

Emotions Evoked:

This email is designed to evoke a sense of belonging, warmth, and appreciation. It taps into the emotional aspect of Diwali, where traditions and family gatherings hold a special place in our hearts.

The button “Home-delivered Happiness!” is meant to convey the idea that even though they are not with their families physically, we can bring a taste of home to their doorstep, adding a touch of joy and comfort to their Diwali celebrations.



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