Toyota’s Smiles Package: Where the Magic of Cell Animation Set the Wheels Turning!

Project Description

When Toyota, the automotive titan, decided to launch their innovative Smiles Plus Service Package, they didn’t just want a boring brochure; they wanted to turn service into an animation extravaganza. So, naturally, they knocked on our creative door.

Their request was simple: produce a video that didn’t just explain the service but also sprinkled a generous dose of smiles and positivity on their audience.


Problem Statement

Imagine this: explaining the unique perks of Toyota’s Smiles Plus Service Package in a way that not only educated but also charmed the socks off their audience. Oh, and let’s not forget, doing this in an era when everyone was drowning in mainstream content.


We didn’t just think outside the box; we built a whole new box. Here’s how we crafted this animated masterpiece:

We summoned our brainstorming geniuses and brewed up concepts that not only spoke Toyota’s language but also strategised a message that resonated with the target audience. 

The goal? To create a video with a fresh and unique perspective.

With our concept in hand, our wordsmiths penned a script designed to tug at heartstrings and keep eyes glued. We crafted a narrative that wouldn’t just inform; it would creatively position the benefits of the Smiles Plus Service Package in the viewer’s mind.

Cell Animation – Where Magic Meets Pencil and Paper:
Ah, the heart of the matter! We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill animation here; we’re diving into the mesmerising world of cell animation. Our animation maestros rolled up their sleeves (virtually, of course) and embarked on a hand-drawing marathon.

Cell animation, for the uninitiated, is like crafting digital poetry frame by frame. Each frame, meticulously drawn by our talented artists, came together to create visuals that were nothing short of breathtaking. It was like magic on a drawing board, where every line and shade had a purpose, and the result was an animation style that left viewers in awe.

Sound Design:But what’s a masterpiece without a symphony? We mixed music, sound effects, and a voice-over that could charm a phoenix out of ashes. The result? An audio-visual rollercoaster that ensnared the senses.

Creating this video might’ve seemed like capturing lightning in a bottle, but through teamwork, meticulous planning, and a sprinkle of fairy dust, we brought our vision to life.

The result? 

A video that not only won viewers’ hearts but also had Toyota’s internal audience gleaming a bright smile!

collage3 scaled


✅ Engagement Overdrive: The video’s abstract animation style was an attention grabber; viewers couldn’t look away.

✅ Brand Shine: Toyota’s innovation stood out, setting the Smiles Plus Service Package apart in a market teeming with dull competitors.

✅ Applause from the Audience: Viewers gave a standing ovation to the video’s creativity and its knack for communicating service benefits, creating a buzz that echoed through cyberspace.

Viral Velocity: The video’s charm radiated beyond its initial audience, spreading like wildfire on social media, boosting brand recognition, and extending Toyota’s digital reach.