Brewing Hyper Realistic 3D Animations for Budweiser

Project Description

In the tumultuous year of 2020, Budweiser approached our Creative Agency with a challenge that would make even the bravest brewers quiver. The iconic beer behemoth was crafting a plan for a dazzling TV commercial, partnering with one of the most followed football leagues in the world, the English Premier League.

Now, getting the bottles and shooting them in live-action would require time and resources. The crux of the problem was that the bottles could not be delivered and shot in the given deadline.

So, what did we do?

We were quick on our feet and suggested a 3D Animation video. Initially, they were quite hesitant to entertain the idea. However, when they were exposed to some of our best work from our 3D animation studio, their doubts quickly vaporised.

This was just the beginning. After getting all the stakeholders on board, we faced a daunting roadblock!

To shoot the advertisement without the aid of live-action. We wanted to move beyond traditional live-action shoots and showcase it through 3D Animations for more realistic visuals. 

Then what was the challenge?


Problem Statement

Picture this: Budweiser’s thirst-quenching beer bottles, the lifeblood of their brand, yearning for the spotlight, yet the bottles are not present in reality. How on earth do you make these bottles the heroes of an ad shoot while not shooting them?

The second challenge was the integration of a realistic water simulation. It was vital that the animation conveyed the sensation of a refreshing, ice-cold Budweiser. This could be done only with droplets forming, cascading, and interacting with the bottle’s surface.

Achieving this level of water realism in a 3D animation presented a unique technical hurdle.

To add some extra fizz to the mix, time was of the essence. The commercial had to flow like a well-poured pint.

With the spectre of challenges restricting physical shoots, Budweiser needed a solution that was as innovative as their brews.


Amidst this chaos, our team unleashed their creativity and dared to be different. Our squad of animation wizards embarked on a quest to breathe life into Budweiser’s iconic beer bottles, using the magic of 3D animation. This revolutionary approach allowed us to caress every curve, every nuance, without even setting foot in a studio.

Hyperrealistic bottles
We kicked off by scrutinising every aspect of Budweiser’s bottle design – from the label’s texture to the way light danced upon the glass. Then, our virtuoso artists meticulously crafted these details in a virtual playground, ensuring every contour and sparkle was a carbon copy of reality.

Next, our animators worked their flair by achieving the depth and detail for hyper realistic visuals. 

Immaculate Water Simulations
That’s not all! We stirred up some digital magic with immaculate water simulations, making the bottles glisten as if they’d been plucked from an enchanted well. The visuals were so mesmerising that you’d want to dive right into your screen for a sip!

The result? A batch of surreal 3D animations so convincing, they could trick even the keenest eye into thinking they were sipping from a real Budweiser bottle!

That’s the speciality of 3D Animations – It allows us to bring elements to life and seamlessly incorporate them in real settings.

collage 1 scaled


We served Budweiser a platter of hyper realistic 3D animations, showcasing their beer bottles in all their glory. These animations weren’t just lifelike; they were the holy grail of realism.

Thanks to the wizardry of our animations, Budweiser seamlessly incorporated these animations into their TV commercial, hitting the deadline with the ease of a well-practised pour. The advertisement went on without a hitch, and Budweiser’s brand essence shone brighter than a stadium floodlight.

This project didn’t just win accolades; it brewed up a storm of praise for our ability to think outside the bottle and conjure creative solutions, even in the trickiest of times.

Cheers to pushing the boundaries of 3D animations! 🍻