A Brand Video for
Ace Micromatic to Launch
its Flagship Product with Aplomb!

Project Description

There are millions of products in the market. Each one claiming that it is better, bigger and more useful than the other! 

In such a competitive spectrum, how does a product stand out?

This was the major question that seemed to baffle the folks at Ace Micromatic, India’s largest machine tool conglomerate. 

Amace, the 3D printing division of Ace Micromatic, was about to release its flagship product – The STLR 400. But how do they go about launching a product as niche-specific and complex as that?

That’s where we enter the fray!

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Problem Statement

We were facing a complex situation.

Firstly, we had to introduce a complex product which cannot be shot easily through live-action, primarily due to its size. 

Secondly, we had to capture visuals of its intricate functioning.

Finally, we had to simplify its functions and wrap it in a well-narrated video.

So, how do we do all of that with a deadline hanging over our heads?

Luckily, we had the right talent and expertise at our disposal to bring this product to life on the market!


We devised something we’d like to call a trifecta of creativity!

By infusing the hyper realistic visuals of 3D modelling with 2D animations and Live-action, we produced a seamless video that was simple to understand yet had the touch of corporate finesse.

In hindsight, we were able to produce the video without hassle due to these factors –

> 360 Creativity: Our major advantage lies in the fact that we are experts on all fronts of creativity. We had the power of 2D and 3D animators along with a highly skilled video production unit. In essence, a one-stop solution to the creative clutter.

Something that we would not have been able to achieve if we were just a video production unit.

> Futuristic Storytelling: The product had a very niche target audience. Most videos that explain engineering and machinery tend to be filled with technical jargon.
That is usually a one-way ticket to video bounce!

Now, we combined a product launch video with corporate storytelling to add a compelling narrative. It highlighted Amace’s specialities in a way that holds the viewer’s attention despite the influx of technicality. It had the complexities of a machine’s making explained with a human touch!

> Expert supervision and support: Our team boasts a host of specialists from different domains. We had a 3D animations supervisor, VFX supervisor, Director and Videographers on the set. Each one of them brought their expertise to the table, giving rise to a deeply engaging brand video!

We were also supported by the team at Amace. We are beholden to them for being steadfast with their support and management during the shoot.

Group 36


A futuristic corporate video that garnered eyeballs and great appreciation!

The product was launched at a business Expo to a roaring round of applause. All the stakeholders were highly impressed with Amace’s team presenting the product with panache. 

STLR-400 continues to be one of AMACE’s best-selling products. In simple words, it is a fine piece of machinery that has revolutionised the world of 3D printing. We are proud to be a part of its growing popularity in the market.

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