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Are you starting out with a new business venture sometime soon?

Well, there a couple of things that you need to take into account.

Creating the reputation for your brand, getting potential sales, marketing – you just name it: all that has to be taken care by you.

Now, if you want to create some hype and reputation for your brand in the market, you need to start marketing out effectively.

But how?

This is one question that triggers many business owners.

So, if you are another one of them then we have some news for you.

We would suggest you opt for Promotional videos marketing as your marketing technique along with other on-going activities as well.

But why are we strongly emphasizing on video marketing?

Well, the unknown fact is that advertising video makers offers many impressive benefits for businesses which one might not even be aware of.


That is why, we have listed out 10 major reasons why you should opt for Promotional videos for advertising.
At the end you will see how you save your time, efforts and money in the long run.


Helps in telling a powerful story

If you want to reel your buyers for your brand, nothing could be better than bring out a compelling storyline.

So, how would you do that?

If it is possible, you can ask for customer testimonials and put it up on your social handles and your website as well.

Ask your customers to record themselves while they can answer a few questions for you. It is going to make a great impact when a real person tells the world how much they love your brand and your crew.


Better visibility in social feeds:

With social platforms like Instagram and Facebook doing a fantastic job of showing people what they would prefer, describing your brand through videos can be quite impactful.

You might have seen how these video posts are showing higher on the newsfeeds most of the time. People are tempted to stop and watch some amazing graphics and humorous video that catches their attention.

When looking out for an express route to beat your competitors, video creation is the ultimate saviour!


Useful in building a powerful brand connection:

Watching a video offers both visual and audio stimulation. Since both these areas of the brain are involved, it engages the viewers and thus they naturally develop a stronger interest in the content they are watching.

This is very impactful for those who want to have a lasting impression of their brand name and are hugely dependent on their loyal customers for continuous business.

A professional Video Production company in Bangalore will help you curate the best video for your business needs.


Email click-through rates get boosted:

Even if you mention the word, video in your subject line, there will be an increase in your click-through rates.

Well, you shouldn’t embed a video in your email because not everyone can play the video online.

You can preferably use a thumbnail in the email body which will then take the customers to view the video on your landing page or website.


Give your customers the medium they desire:

Many consumers highly prefer watching a video rather than reading about its details.

So, video content is what your audience are craving for. Know this, why wouldn’t you offer them what they want to see?

An advertising agency in Bangalore might be helpful when you want to give the best to your customers.


The product can be understood better:

some products can be very complex so it is crucial that your audience understands it before they make a purchase.

Use a promotional video with some attractive features to tell your potential customers what they could avail from your products. Your customer needs to understand how your product will be able to solve their pain points.


Higher search engine rankings:

With Google being one of the largest search engines, you can increase your search rankings drastically.


Add a video to your website and see how your brand starts ranking higher.

It has also been considered that adding a video to your website can even rank your brand on the initial pages of Google.

Isn’t it just wow?


Effective selling:

Investing into a professional video agency in Bangalore will give your sales team a thumbs up as well. These days, not everyone wants to listen to sales pitches rather they would respond more effectively via a video.

Thus you will see how much your sales improves after you invest into video creation by a professional team.


They are versatile:

The videos created can be used in different ways. You can upload them on social media handles and also add them to landing pages and relevant blogs. This will create engagement with your audience and your sales rate will also skyrocket within a few months.


Videos are so popular

You believe it or not but video is a dominating content. Irrespective of any social media platform you are scrolling through, you will come across so many videos which just keep you glued to your screen for hours together. So, posting a video related to your products or service lets your customers share it while it has a profound effect on your business. This in turn will help making your business more cool and popular among audiences.



If you don’t know where to start, see help from a promotional video production company in Bangalore.

With tons of such companies available online, you should look into the most reputed ones so that you get higher ROI.

Do your research and understand that company like Visual Connections could help you with the best videos out there.