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VR company in Bangalore

Technology is transforming the way we do business. Virtual reality is one of these transformative technological advancements that’s creating a revolution in the markets world wide. Corporate decision-makers have realized the importance of interactive visualization and simulation solutions.

Specific B2B Use Cases

In scenarios, where the head of the marketing team is aware of the advantages of VR, he would invite customers worldwide to captivating product presentations, while the human resource executive would want to introduce VR for company-wide employee training. With this tech, engagement and retention rates of employees will increase considerably and the time taken for training will decrease, while product designers would learn that the decision-making process would decrease due to the results from its collaborative outreach to teams in a 3D prototype model.

Visual Connections,has worked with many large corporations over the years, presenting products using VR solutions through research and development. Based in Bangalore, the VR and AR expertise we possess has the ability to create the perfect stimulus that sets VR apart from other mediums.

Consulting experts is important

Experience in this business: Our VR Agency in Bangalore successfully optimizes systems across various applications. Through years of experience, we have provided enterprise-scale solutions in VR and customized solutions design. We understand the problems that need to be solved, and how VR would make the perfect solution.

The Process:

Upon interaction with our team, you will be interviewed by our sales team members. The interview process will help us understand your business model and the problem you are trying to solve. Our VR solutions covering software tools, motion tracking, 3D headsets, and 3D projection systems will help you meet your goal at a faster pace. Using this information, our expert solution architect will provide a cost-effective proposal and quote. Complete training on operating your system shall also be provided

Visual Connections deals with a wide range of virtual reality solutions. So are you ready to step into a new reality with Visual Connection team and tell them about your idea?

Give us a call or email us if you’re looking for the best VR and AR consultancy in Bangalore. We look forward to meeting you.

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