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Virtual Reality Services in India

We have stepped into a new reality with the virtual world. Virtual Reality has already made a big impact in the film and gaming industry. Soon VR is expected to make inroads into education, healthcare, real estate and many other areas. VR makes you feel the action in real time as if you are present. In a classroom, this technology will help create active immersive experiences thus helping students easily understand their subjects easily.

Our VR Expertise

Over the years our Virtual reality Service in Bangalore has gained experience in working with various fields such as nursing, safety, science and other subjects. We have also worked with industries such as manufacturing, education, automobile, and healthcare. Our VR & AR Studio team in Bangalore teams blends the skills of SMEs, IDs, App developers, game designers and UI & UX designers to create an exhilarating technological experience. We have worked on platforms such as the iPad and Google Cardboard. These platforms are known to be cost effective devices for creating AR and VR experiences.

Our Virtual reality Service:

Visual Connections aims to help industries to unleash their marketing strategies by creating immersive media experiences.

VR and AR Services in India include:

  • Content Development
  • Storyboard & Visual Storyboard Development
  • 3D Graphics & Animations
  • Developing Virtual Worlds (VW)
  • Interactivity Development for VR & AR
  • VR Apps Development for various HMDs
  • Testing in various VR Devices and Implementation on stores

Visual connection’s capability to develop VR Applications extends across these segments and industries.

  • Educational Apps
  • Vocational Apps
  • Medical & Engineering Simulation Apps
  • Game-Based Learning (GBL) Apps
  • AR (QR codes) to activate printed materials like textbooks, magazines, etc.
  • Product simulation Apps
  • Location-based AR Apps (overlaying additional data)

We are rapidly growing in virtual reality business and aim to provide the best VR experience and services to all our customers. Call us or drop us a message at to know more.

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