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Live action VR production in Bangalore

We are one of the leading companies in Bangalore for virtual reality producing, capturing and delivering 360 videos to give you an immersive VR experience. Our production house delivers beautiful and memorable virtual reality experiences that help brands forge a deeper connection with their customers.

We provide a full range of services in VR production, including but not limited to managing all aspects of VR video from scripting and storytelling, shooting the video and camera operations, video editing and building exceptional VR video players and apps. We also provide headsets on which your audience can view your brand’s 360 video content.

What makes us different?

Our premium quality VR videos help companies and marketing agencies create VR experiences that assist to drive sales through the roof!

We at Visual connections in Bangalore, deliver the full end-to-end potential of 360º video and virtual reality.

We turn ideas into immersive experiences and permit VR playback across platforms.

We build and publish Vr apps and work around the clock to produce the best results.

Our capabilities include production, scripting, storytelling, shooting and camera operation, video editing, building VR video players and apps. Our vr agency also gives the headsets through which your customers can view your new 360° content.


Our Live action VR production team in India is proficient in telling your story in virtual reality as we understand how to advise customers with simple and clear storylines, best camera operation and editing capabilities.

Through extensive experience, we can put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience and ensure that our productions are immersive, easy to follow, and fun.

360° Video Capture and Editing:

Our experts create crisp and compelling 360 videos that help brands to tell their story in an exciting fashion.

Editing of VR video is an important part of the production process. Shooting 360 videos also requires editing the captured footage. We have a team that understands the complexities of working in this unique medium.

Live Broadcasting:

Our Live action VR production company in Bangalore can produce live-streaming 360° video that is ideal for capturing live music, theatre and sporting events.

As the world inches towards virtual reality, our 3D VR video production team in Bangalore can provide you with expert virtual reality production services for architecture, manufacturing & more.

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