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Lighting, Rendering and Compositing

3D production companies operate according to flow. That is to say, things work in a planned and systematic way in these companies. Lighting, rendering and composting are the three vital services that have potential to either seal or break the deal of a 3D video

Lighting and rendering are interrelated to one another. On the other hand, compositing refers to the art of combining two or more images for the purpose of making a single image from them. The settings, planning and preparation for these three depend upon the type of scene for which they are intended. Doing things in accordance with the requirements is the key to successful execution of these processes.

For this purpose, clients prefer to bank on our lighting, rendering and compositing makers in Bangalore than other providers due to their expertise in handling the task with finesse.

Given below is a detailed overview of what clients can anticipate by handing their 3D animation projects to our rendering or lighting artists in Bangalore.

Lighting in accordance with the requirements of scenes: It is an open secret that different scenes need distinct configuration of lighting. The lighting requirements vary from scene to scene. As such, it is important to tweak the settings as per the requirements to give each scene an artistic touch so the viewers find it appealing and give it a thumbs up. While other artists perform the task to complete it, each 3D lighting and rendering artist in Bangalore who works with us, undertake the task of our clients with the view of providing them with the services of the highest quality in this regard.

Superb rendering services for each and every scene: How do we know whether the output is up to the mark or not? Of course, by passing a finished video through the testing phase. We test the resulting videos on a rendering software to make sure that all bases are covered and no stone is left unturned in tallying it with our client’s needs.

Expert video compositing services: Once a video clears the testing phase, it passes through one more stage wherein our expert video editors edit and compost it to give it the finishing touch. At this stage they remove the unnecessary sequences, keeping only the ones that are relevant.

Give the sequences of your 3D videos the magical touch to grab the attention of your target audience right away! Reach out to us now!

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