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Augmented Reality in Bangalore

We are not far away from a time when our devices will be able to provide us with augmented reality experiences. The most well-known AR, Pokemon go, the mobile-game where you catch digital ‘pocket monsters’ in your surroundings took the world by storm when it hit the play store.

How this stuff works?

In simple words, deploy a virtual image through computer vision and tracking to a physical point in your environment. When you move the camera around, take it closer or further away, the object is able to sustain, scale and optimise it’s location in your view of the real world.

Easy answers to questions like “How will this furniture look in my living room”. Consumers will be able to see the product in their own homes through their camera.

Augmented reality has three existing methods of operation:

Simultaneous localization and mapping: Localised sensors create the object and map the environment. It is the most effective method of AR operations.

Recognition based: The device would use a camera to recognize objects in the surrounding that would trigger the AR display. Camera precision plays an important part in recognition of the object to initiate the AR.

Location-based AR: With this sort of markerless AR, user-provided information about a place is used and AR visualizations are initiated based on these inputs.

In smartphones, location detection functions make it easy to take advantage of this method, thus making it popular. One of the most commonly used applications of this would be in mapping and finding nearby services.

Android and IOS have both developed AR software thus covering its availability to almost all the smartphone users in the world. The continual increase of potential market size and backend technology gives ample opportunity in this area. Whether you choose to benefit from it first or let your competitors take an upper hand, is entirely up to you.

Being an AR Agency in Bangalore, we at Visual Connections understand the fundamentals and working of AR with it’s evolving technology. Our experts are the best at exploiting VR and AR in Bangalore and they will aide you in exploring the correct knowledge base to help you fully understand its potential and uses.

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