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2D Animation Company in Bangalore

2D Animation is due to the illusion effect that our brain receives after placing one image after the other at a very short span of time. This creates a feeling of moving images on a 2D object such as a screen or a paper.

2D Animations have been used over the centuries and are seen as one of the earliest method for effective communication and idea sharing. The power of 2D Animation is so powerful that it makes the viewers seen that the images are coming to life, thus giving it a real life experience.

As one of the leading 2D Animation company in Bangalore, we offer animation services which spans over various fields and industries. We have years of experience in providing services related to 2D Animation in Bangalore.

One of the main reasons why we are the Top 2D Animation Companies in Bangalore is the fact that many clients and customers prefer our services and trusts us in providing 2D animations and renderings that is beneficial for them as a major source of return investment.

This makes us one of the most sought after names for 2D animation in Bangalore. Unlike other 2D Animation Studio in India, we believe in offering our services and products at a low and affordable price. Our services and 2D animations are made with the state of the art equipment and latest software and are of high quality and world class standard.

At our company, we have a team of talented, experienced and professional animators and artists who have experience in providing animation services and working for various companies under various industries.

We have employees who are experts in providing 2D Animations and renderings to various fields such as advertisement and marketing, rotoscope and visual effects, corporate film makers, commercial animated films, music videos and even providing 2D animations for YouTube advertisements and corporate meetings and presentations.

We also undertake animation assignments for various commercial films and play an important role in providing high quality and impressive 2D artwork that is bound to impress the audience.

We provide various services related to 2D animation and motion graphics. These include:

  • Storyboarding
  • Character designs
  • back grounding and various other pre-production effects
  • Background coloring and color filling services
  • Cleans ups and inking services
  • Post production services such as dubbing, background music
  • Logo and title designing
  • Flash animations

Our main motto for our works is to provide impressive and interesting 2D animations and motion graphics that meets the need and requirements of our customers and clients and to ensure that our works exceeds their initial impressions and expectations. Through thorough and efficient client interactions and regular meetings we try to understand the needs and requirements of our clients and thus incorporate these suggestions in our resultant works.

With innovative and creative method incorporated with latest technological advancements we try to create suitable 2D Animation Solutions to our clients and customers .Hence, we try to transform their ideas, passion and suggestions into works of visual reality.

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